VRV GOGGLE (TM) is a Patented, Fashionable, Futuristic, Ergonomically designed housing for Virtual Reality Visors. It has characteristics that are not available in the old fashioned housings of the Virtual Reality visors that are currently in the marketplace. It is lightweight and architecturally built to conform to the topography of the face, therefore requiring the least amount of force to hold in place. It does not pinch any of the structures of the face or the head. It does not allow any Glare around the computer screen area. It has ample room in the temple arms area that is ideal to conceal the wires of the Computer.

VRV GOGGLE (TM) is available for licensing to the companies interested in State Of The Art Fashionable and Futuristic look for housing the Virtual Reality Visors for the New Millenium! For more information, please CONTACT US.






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